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County Down is a web-based episodic digital film that explores an epidemic of psychosis among the adults in a gated community that coincides with a teenage girl’s invention of a designer drug. One day Angel wakes to find that her exclusive housing development has turned into a haven for madness, excess, and decay in this darkly comedic horror series in which parents suddenly prey on their children.

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County Down
County Down Installation View

County Down Installation View


ACTORS (in order of appearance)
Angel… Stephanie Vella
Tanya… Chloe Bass
Coz… Becca Blackwell
Kip… Stephane Magloire
Chassie… Sacha Yanow
Angel’s Father… Jim Fletcher
Assistant… Mellisa McNeilley
Royce… Gibson Frazier
Dancer 1…Anneson Conway
Dancer 2…Daniel Harrington
Dancer 3…Elise Oleksiak
Dancer 4…Irene Pann
Dancer 5…Lisa Reynolds
Dancer 6…Kikuko Tanaka
Kip’s Mom… Marti Domination
Jimbo…Daniel Graff
Chris… Valerie Feingold
Kip’s Dad… Andy Haynes
Girl 1… Lisa Reynolds
Tanya’s Mom…Patty Chang
Shopper 1…Genevieve Belleveau
Shopper 2…Emily Roysdon
Deli Clerk…James Fotopoulos
Grocery Clerk…Shaun Cottle
Zombie 1… Ellen Cantor
Zombie 2… Nicole Eisenman
Zombie 3… Andy Haynes
Zombie 4…Laura Parnes
Zombie 5…William Powhida
Angel’s Mom…Kate Valk
Rescue Worker 1… Inbred Hybrid Collective Rescue Worker 1…Michael Zimmer

Director of Photography…Jeffrey Akers
Make Up… Inbred Hybrid Collective
Gaffer and Grip…Alan Bianchi, Max Chan, Adam Khali, Erik Moskowitz, Omar Villegas, Michael Zimmer
Production Assistants…Genevieve Belleveau, John Brattin, Krissy Nordella, Elise Oleksiak
, Anthony Simon
Art Department…Diana Puntar
Camera B-Roll…Sally Richardson
Post Production Effects…Laura Parnes Compositors…Colin Brant, Drew Magner, Krissy Nordella

Music Supervisor…Johanna Fateman
Soundtrack and Original Music by Johanna Fateman

Party Music by Johanna Fateman with JD Samson
Our Going On by Wynne Greenwood
Revolt (Le Tigre Remix) by Lesbians On Ecstasy, courtesy of alien8recordings
Far From Over (Instrumental) by Kisses
A New Kind of Bird by Long Hind Legs, courtesy of Kill Rock Stars
Malibu 80 by James Fotopoulos Whitehouse Shakedown by Wynne Greenwood

Soundmix by Quentin Chiappetta, MediaNoise

Brooklyn Costumes and Styling by GGrippo
CGI Composites by Momoyo Torimitsu

Shot at Light Industry, Brooklyn, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, Outpost Artist Resources, Ridgewood and PARTICIPANT Inc., NYC

Supported by the Experimental Television Center and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and the Outpost’s Cuts and Burns Residency Program, Ridgewood, NY.

Holly Anderson and Jonathan Kane
Thomas Beard
Caitlin Bright
Tom Cole
Julia and Steve Dawson
Paul DeSandre and Michael Ross
Lia Gangitano
Andrea Gibbons
Ed Halter
Ruth Kahn
Betsy and Thomas Neuville
Kel O’Neill
Alice O’Malley
Christian Perez
Enat Sidi
Elisabeth Subrin

Written, Directed, Produced and
Edited by Laura Parnes


County Down Installation View

County Down Installation View